Med 7 Psalm 62

 1Only God can save me,

   and I calmly wait for  him.

2God alone is the mighty rock 

 that keeps me safe

   and the fortress

   where I am secure.

    3I feel like a shaky fence

   or a sagging wall.

   How long will all of you

   attack and assault me?

    4You want to bring me down

   from my place of honor.

   You love to tell lies,

   and when your words are kind,

   hatred hides in your heart.

    5Only God gives inward peace,

   and I depend on him.

    6God alone is the mighty rock

   that keeps me safe,

   and he is the fortress

   where I feel secure.

    7God saves me and honors me.

   He is that mighty rock

   where I find safety.

    8Trust God, my friends,

   and always tell him

   each one of your concerns.

   God is our place of safety.

    9We humans are only a breath;

   none of us are truly great.

   All of us together weigh less

   than a puff of air.

    10Don’t trust in violence

   or depend on dishonesty

   or rely on great wealth.

    11I heard God say two things:

   “I am powerful,

    12and I am very kind.”

   The Lord rewards each of us

   according to what we do.

Depend on God and he will give us his grace.

Yet he disciplines us into having a right heart with God.

We must also trust each other to develop our  relationship with god and each other.

God says

I am powerful and I am kind and I deserve all the honour and praise.


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