Googling God By Mike Hayes.

This is a very interesting book. He is a person I’ve encountered every week through his podcast called the Busted Halo Cast done with his friend a Pualist priest called Dave Dwyer. The book is about how people in their thirties and below view their faith in particular he looks at people in USA but as I read it I can see similarities in the young adults in the uk too. It was by sheer chance I found the book in a Catholic Pauline bookstore in Glasgow (NB. Pauline Book store are not linked to the Pualist Father by the way but still hold at Satin Paul as their guide and he is a good saint.) In Chapter 2 he comapares  God to the google search engine. He said it is a place to search for thing and that is what young people want out of their faith he then added if you don’t search you never find and linked to the bit int he bible where it say knock and and you shall find etc

Having read the book here are some thoughts we can ask ourselves about our youth work and how we treat the young adult in our churches or youth clubs.

1. How do we use New media in the promotion of the Catholic Church  in Uk?

2. How do we cater for the shy introvert in our Church? 

3. How do we cater for those who are university when they come back for the holidays and such?

4. How do we cater for the young married people in our parish?

5. What out reach opportunities do we provide our young people with as we lead them?   

6. Could we do a European version Of “theology on tap”?

7. Do 21st century adults like ritual? 

8. Do they know the history behind the rituals?

9. Young people do learn by experiences so we must be mindful of what we offer them.

10. Is it really bad to have a rebellious phase in ones spiritual upbringing. I had a 10 year semi-rebellion which them made me see the real beauty of my faith and gave me tools to aid my exploration of the Catholic Church and in a way gave me more understanding about it to.

11. “There is no sense in leaving until my leaving feels like a gain.”

12. How do we share the richness our a faith with our young Adults

13. Are our churches accepting of all people regardless of their issues?

14. How do we guide and young adults in matter of sexuality? In uk we seem to be reluctant!

15. What can we to do help bring vibrancy into our churches?

16. How do our young people view the Pope and how can we encourage their knowledge?

17. What can we do to encourage World Youth Day attendees to carry the torch after the events?

18. Do we mentor young adults to question their faith and how it can equate to thier everyday life.

19. How do we keep our prayer style / lives fresh? Do we have the courage to adapt other prayer styles to our Catholic faith?   I had a friend who went to learn meditation in India and on his return he adapted it to the Catholic way of praying. I was great. When I tried it it deepen my spiritual awareness of what the bible passage we used said.

20. Adoration. I do not think Ive ever tried with young adults in this style of prayer. I may try it one day.

21. What are we doing to encourage the use of talent or spiritual gift in our young adults?

22. The role of being ecumenical. How do we encourage other faith traditions to learn about the Catholic church and what do we teach our young poeple about other faith traditions.   

23. How do we engage those who come to Church infrequently?

24. How often do we really evaluate our Youth work and how often do we really take in to account what the young adult want? Truthfully!

25. Personal invitations vs technology we can embrace the two actually!

26. Do we use enough technology in teaching the young adult about the Catholic Church.

27. SAFE SPACES Do we provide enough security for the young adult to able to challenge there faith and also allow  them to be themselves. I remember the 1st young adult retreat I went on was a time I just went mad for god you could say and I really found my self but did not realise how useful a tool in to my faith it is  now and without it it I would be a very different Catholic.

28. How do we identify new leader and encourage people to get out of their comfort zones and try something new that they may not of thought of before. Do we invite others to use their talents?  

It was a good read and really made me think about how I carry out my youth ministry and ever small thing I do  may impact on the young adult life. It is also worth the effort to do how ever hard we may  it can be at times.


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  1. Thanks for the plug! Looks like the book evoked a lot of questions for you–I hope you’ll be able to use those questions to help you on your own spiritual search as well.


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