Mass WOWed me!

When I have the time I like to spend time at my local Benedictine Monastery, Douai Abbey, because I feel it just set the day up. When on holiday I also like to attend the week day masses too.   

Don’t you just love your faith when God really speaks to you through the sermon and readings. For me it was just one of those close day to God. The three Gospel reading, from the week so far, have  really put a challenge up for me and the spiritual battle is big but with God help ill pull through.

Monday  Gospel Matthew 19:16 – 22

Today rather than a sermon they had a quite time of reflection and the 10 commandment formed part of the reading and it began It irritate some what. It dawned on me that I may not be keeping a commandment and it made me sad but I am trying to work on it but it is hard becasue I need to do a lot of letting go for some reason  so as to gain what i need from God so that I can not let go just like the man I went away challenged and sad.   

Tuesday Gospel Matthew 19:23 -30

Again there was no sermon but a quiet time of reflection this passage just spoke to me about being gratful for what weve got and what we have with God is so much greater than anything I or you could hope for. could hope for.  

Today Gospel was Matthew 20: 1-16

Today reading coinsided with the feast of St. Bernard. My friend Fr. Alban did a fab sermon on being generous to all in equal measure do it with out any grudges and that how St Bernerd lead his life and we in that manner and should follow his example. This brought a great deal of comfort to me because over the last few day I ve had a spiritully grumpy path to take and I did hold grudges against God. I did feel wierd  in that I knew God was work in me today yet I felt no peace when I got home I knew  God was with me and had it confirmed when I checked the email there was an email from Fr. Alban it was so nice to know people are praying for you and they wlecome you into thier community. It means alot to to have Douai Abbey so close and to have such good freinds too. THNK YOU FR. ALBAN


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