Spirit UK.

I had the greatest pleasure of interviewing John B the founder of a new facebook group which is trying  to encourage the use of New media in sharing the Catholic Church views and in paticular how it is used in the uk.

This a qoute from the face book account  

 What Is Spirit Uk ?Spirit Uk is a new facebook group which attempts to relate the catholic faith to modern life. Be that through blogs or podcasts, we also want to be a place in which you can come to find uk catholic podcasts.

Can Anyone Join Spirit Uk Yes Anyone can all we ask is that you have an intrest in the catholic faith and respect everyones views.

Is Spirit Uk a cult I know how that question sounds but someone somewhere will be thinking it and the answer is no its not.

For more information look on facebook or the link to the blog on my blogroll.

So hallo John

Tell us who you are ?

Im a 29 year old single guy who lives in the uk as a full time job I work with people who have learning disabllties and support them to try and achive a normal life. And my other job as you know is Spirit Uk

faith story ?

Where do you want me to begin, as a teenager I was a alter server at a small church in a place called Jarrow and done that for years. While doing that I also helped out at the chruch with summer fairs, when the preist was away setting up for mass you know the stuff. I also attened a journey of faith group at the young age of 14. But while I was an alter server I also taught younger alter servers and ended up trying to run a church youth group which was sort of sucessful.  The alter serving and stuff came to a stop through when I got to my early twenties due to work shifts and not having enough time to do everything. And with that I slowly wondered away from the church not for any hateful reason I think it was just because I could not find anything there for me.

Then once I had got the ineternet in and in my own flat i discovered a network called sqpn and as I listened to thesse podcasts I slowly returned to the catholic family. But again I wanted to find something like sqpn but in the uk that was when I decided to start Spirit uk.

What is spirt uk ?

Spirit uk if im honest is a new and modern way of presenting the catholic faith with its roots in the uk, well that whats I hope and it is truly in gods hands as this is the first time I have done anything like this. My hopes are that it will keep growing to include podcasts, blogs and more. But I think the one thing which I want to say is the group belongs to its members Im just t he guy that keeps everything ticking by. So to speak.

The inspiration for spirt uk ?

this intially came from sqpn and also the many other catholic networks that exsist mainly in america and a little nudge from the big man his self.

Favourite podcast ?

that has to be at the mo The dailly breakfast its hard to pin point one podcast I love cause I listen to quite a few including rosary army, mary in monomouths podcasts and a whole range more

And favourite blog

Again I tend to browse a lot of blogs and still have a few to settle with and of course artyi (ie this one) is in the running

What inspires me ?

Big question I guess I get inspiration from a lot of places music, mass, the bible. Living near the sea I get insipration from the power of nature and stories that you hear of the goodness in people not forgetting my freinds and family also preists who I know

What challenges me ?

As a person I am very much of the sense that peace and love will win through and I will never understand why in todays modern world why people want to hurt other people. Also how we have the answer to poverty and a lot disease which people suffer in third world countires but we wont help can anyone else tell me why this is

Where can I see spirit uk heading in the furtre ?
Well Im hoping at some point to have a regular podcast to unite even more catholics. And maybe turning it into a proper network for uk catholic content

So I dont end this on a downer can I just say thank you to everyone who has helped get to this point and all the members of spirit  uk for thier help and guidance.

Thanks for your time and effort John and may God bless you in all that you do for him.


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