Why pray to saints?


Why do Catholics pray to saints when they can go straight to God?


Catholics ask the saints to mediate for them. One reason is that the saints are closer to God then we are here on earth. Let us say there is a job you want in a certain company and you know someone who is a friend of the Boss who is hiring. Would you go directly to the Boss or would you rather your friend speak about you to the Boss first? How about another example, there is always that certain person you know, whether it be your pastor, priest, or friend, whom you always feel that their prayers are stronger for what ever reason, and when you ask them to pray for your important need, you feel a confidence that God will surely hear your request now. This is the same reasoning that Catholics use when they ask a saint to help them pray for a certain intention. You know that the saints prayers are a lot stronger than your own because they are perfected and in Heaven with God.

Some saint to pray to.

computer –  Saint Isidore of Seville

cats – Gertrude of Nivelles

lost keys, against losing keys – Zita

doctors, physicians Cosmas,  Damian, Luke the Apostle, Pantaleon, Raphael the Archangel

monks, monastics Anthony the Abbott, Benedict

and there are so many more on http://saints.sqpn.com/


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