Images of Jesus part 1

I’ve been doing a bit of research into images of Jesus in the media and in art and what they say about his charecter . My interest was sparked off by the Seeing Salvation exibtion at the Tate in London and a pack called The Christ We Share.  Theology, History and where you are in the world can also effect the way you view God.

There are 4 pieces of art that I can say challengae my view on God.  

well radical he was and so was Jesus and the tile was

Jesus Meek and mild AS if!

It made me see that we shoud be firm in our belief and be free radical for Christ.



The cornerstone

Is a strong image of building and in tuerms of Jesus without there can be no building  


 Light of Christ Holman Hunt

The Light of the World

This is a picutre of comfort as it was given to me by several unconnected freinds as a sympathy card on the Death of my aunt to whom I way very close to. Th ever knocking Jesus with a light that shall never go out.

Angus Dei.

Total submission no way of escaping a sure doom but in Our Lamb of God died to save us all.



Part 2 The type of person Jesus was as told by the I am claims in John Gospel.  


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