Post Christmas Challenge.

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I was really challenged by the lack of religiousness all around me and the lack of people really celebrating the Christmas (the real one!) 

It really began with the Advent reflection at my local monastery. The reflection was absolutely lovely and seemed to be reflections on Our Blessed Mother. I was struck by one of the reflections where the monk spoke of Mary and how we should mirror her attitude and we should just say yes without grumbling or moaning. It hit a nerve in me because I am the queen of moaning and grumbling if things are not going my way!

I think God was teaching me a lesson I went home highly disappointed in the no. attending and went online to find one of my American Benedictine friends online and he put me straight by saying I should be grateful for the no. that were there and how I should be glad that the word was heard at all and yes he was right and that I should be rejoicing in that.   

I then returned to my parent parish and my home parish and I was glad to go and celebrate the crib blessing but this year it was hidden near a Christmas tree and head competition from the nearby Christmas Ice rink. So while we were singing carols pop music was blaring. It then inspired me to pray for the people who have lost the true meaning of Christmas.

On Christmas Eve we went to Mass and my parish priest is a really nice down to earth guy and was really challenging on how we treat the immigrant worker in out midst and how Jesus was born to immigrant parent and a single mother (even though I am not too sure she was a single mother) but the point of his sermon was to make us see that we should treat each other as fairly as we can as Jesus came to a lowly maiden. Again I was spiritually irritated by the lack of no. Why when there is a thirst for comfort and Joy do people miss it? There are a variety of reason people drop their faith and it is a shame I was really challenged to pray for these people and to look at the way I share my faith and to pray for the Godly opportunity to minister to them.

Another way of faith sharing is that God is giving me the courage to encourage two friends in their vocations. Who know why God is calling to this but I just honestly chat to these people I am finding it lot of fun but find it kind of fun that God is using me like this yet I am still on my vocation journey and in my view will still be on it for while!

 Half way through Mass I was also prompted to pray for those clergy that inspire my faith growth and how they are embracing today society to share faith (BH, JF, RVH, BN and AH) I prayed in particular for their ministry and a blessing for them even in the bad time or dessert time as well as in the good times.


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  1. >>” … Jesus was born to immigrant parent and a single mother (even though I am not too sure she was a single mother) …”

    You are correct — Mary was not an “unwed mother” at the time of the incarnation. She and Joseph were legally, truly married. I’ve got a few blog posts on this, if you’d like more info:

    * Josephology: On Joseph and Mary’s Marriage

    * Josephology: On Joseph and Mary’s Marriage, Part II

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