A Journey.

An ode to Fr A.H.  and to all who inspire our faith to grow.

The Journey is never easy,

Challenges make us grow,

In the desert all we want to do is hide,

It is here He will radiate his light


Through faith he leads,

Protect us,

Guides us,

And even grows us.


Through prayer and trust he leads us,

To a deeper revelation of his love for me,

To touch our deepest broken hearts

So let us say ¡®Oremus pro invicem.¡¯


Like being parched,

I pray your sweet quenching love,

Even in the midst of pain,

May I take courage to let go and let God in.


Christ your life was full of relationship and care.

May we, hold our friendship as

Christ would fare

What gifts you do provide in the midst of friendship bright.


So dear Lord bless,

Keep us on our journey to you,

Keep us encouraged even when the chips feel down

And thank you Lord for all those who inspire faith in you


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