The Station of the Cross by me.

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I wirte this during a Palm Sunday retreat at Worth Abbey. What inspired me to do this was the fact that I have lead young adult tiwce through the Stations  Of the Cross and used other people material and thought this year I would write my own. I also wanted to use it aas a meditation to deepen my faith while I was on retreat.

What inspired me was the realtionship Jesus had with those arround him and how he sets an example for us to follow.

I intend to post these daily as a daily reflection for us to use during lent.

These are not academic but reflective aids as I am no theologian or academic!


So let us begin with a prayer.   

Lord Jesus,

We thank you that you gave us yourself completelyto redeem us.

You gave your self the most humilating death to show us just how much you love us.

May we grow closer to you and deepen our faith as we meditate on your death.


I dedicated to    

all the young adults I work with

my friend Hy  

The Bendictine congreagtion of Douai, Worth and Ampleforth.

The following monks  MPB, GT,  LJ,  NB,  AH,  PF,  RJ, GH,  HSK,  MM 

My Spiritual Director JB



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