vocation story part 5a

On the 29th June I had the pleasure of being at the Catholic New Media Celebration  live on ustream and it was such a joy. there about one hundred and fifty live poeple  and over 120 people live on ustream. For  me it was the a great encourager as to where my minsitry in the future may lie. The use of new media is going to be the way people search for thier faith.

During the event they had Fr. Dave Dwyer as a keynote speaker and he linked in the use of new media by the  way St paul carried out his ministires  in his time and day with what he had bac then.

1. St Paul had two names Saul and paul (two user ids !!)      

2. He had a day job of tent making a bit like us all who help out in a church

3. He was comfortable with every one and espiecally with those who were different

4. He stuck to his convictions he never watered down the truth.

5. He used the varied  avariable to him eg he preached and wrote!

6. He had to be creative and so do we in the sharing of faith

The picture above was one Fr. Dave used in his talk. Paul at his desk with a bible! He aslo has a deck of cards? He was a 1 package guy!     

You may be wondering  why have I put this under a vocation series.

It was the relevance of St Paul to minsitry online as I feel that he might call me to be more convicted and to stand firm in my faith.


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