I shall be spending the first three days of the New Year on  retreat at Worth Abbey in the uk

To me I could not ask for a nicer start to my New Year as many of you know I am a  bit of a Benedictine nut really. It also nice as I already have a connection with the abbey.

The retreat will be lead by the Abbot on his book “Finding Happiness.” My hope is that I come away with a sense of what happiness is and some thoughts on what brings Anne Ishikawa happiness! Knowing God the way I do I am sure he will have other ideas of what he wants!

So I thought would share some clips from  you tube to give you a flavour of the Abbot and his writings and I will also find the links to his two books for you which to me make a prefect match!

Here are the book links

And now for some clips

It was at Worth Abbey they filmed the programme “The Monastery” (the uk version) and it proved to be a very interesting portrayal  of the monks and public alike here are a few clips.


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