Faith story – Part 1 Childhood.

The challenges of having a deep faith is what I want to share with you all it not a story with and end but an on going faith story. I was deeply inspired by a book called Touched By God in which a few of my monastic friends wrote their faith stories from the heart. This story will be in three parts

My childhood was an uneventful childhood a time of great security as I really knew no better. I was born in Japan on the 3rd of June 1976 at St Luke’s Hospital Tokyo by c section. My parent are of mixed marriage a Catholic and lapsed Buddhist but as a child my father always came to
Catholic events and respected my mum for the upbringing as a catholic she gave me My teenage years again was an uneventful few years. Full of the usual teenage boundary challenging. I think the hardest part of being a child was not realising how people can damage each other self esteem with out meaning too. I am an only child and for me there is a lot guilt with regards the way my parent have brought me up it not there fault they had nothing to practice on you could say but it is an area which now as an adult I am having to painfully address in my own mind I so wish wish I could address it with them. I once tried to  address it with them but very subtly by asking them why they sent me away to boarding school but sadly they could not see it the way I saw it they sent me to be more social but sadly it did not help. I hate boarding school. I think I hated it as I thought it was a sign of rejection on the part of my parent but that how you think when you are a kid really. There are really time as an adult when I really struggle with the issues of value and worth and I do things to really pander to it always thinking that I need people approval and not getting really is a problem to me but as with all these superficial things the feeling of worth never lasts it been a painful revelation but a revelation that God is gradually equipping me to cope with as you will see later in the story

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I must have taken some courage to share this. It is very insightful and honest. Although it is very painful to remember some of the events of our past, very often it helps us to gain a clear understanding of ourselves and also helps us grow in maturity.

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