Faith Story – part 3 The last year!

2009 was a very deeply moving one in matters spiritual. Well it was the last three month really. In started in the September with the relic visit of St Therese of Liseux. On the 16th of September she came to my local cathedral first and I sat at the front and managed to get a front row seat for the mass I meet up with some friends and never in my life but we start to pray the rosary spontaneously and it was this and the  talks that reinforced me that St Therese is a wise old owl and these seed were planted ten years ago on my first visit to Ampleforth. Yet at that point I did not see it.

The other highlight was making my full oblation on the 30th October 2009 ten years to the date since me first steps into the Bendictine at Ampleforth. It was a great week as I got to spend a few days at Ampleforth in preparation for what I saw as a big step in my life It was a very special time and what enhanced it more was the fact that the retreat I was on during which made my full oblation was lead on the step of humility and it was lead by two nuns from Turvey Abbey who were just so wonderful and joyous and really enhance me for life I think. When you become a full oblate you are asked to think of the saints who inspire you and to choose one it was hard for me as I had three St Ben St Francis and St Therese but I choose Therese as she has a similar minstery  to and view on faith.

1 that there is beauty in a simple faith

2 encouraging out priest is key in out prayer and in our word to them.

I was challenged by a friend of mine as to what my apostates should be and I really was stumped by the question and I still am really but there are two things I know it will have

1 Prayers it will be central to me

2.A ministry of encouragement and prayer for priests in some way

I am really in the discernment process about what it should be right now. I n some way too I hope to use new media more but again I need to think about how.

I think there are areas  I need to look at are really what I should do is to make my self more accountable to where God want to take me and be even more open to other with regards my faults but it has to be people I can trust deeply you people who can be objective and subjective. I find this area very hard to see my self as full of fault but even more to tell some else about them. As you can see this is a story with a beginning and a middle but the end is still a work in Gods bigger plan.


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