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This post may be  a bit late in that I thought that I should do a bit of research in to the history of the daughter of St Paul as an order. So here it is  they want to communicate the LOVE of Christ in every way they can on the website i found this lovely quote from one of the sister.

“We desire to share the anguish, the dreams and the hopes of the people of our times, to discover new pathways for being a presence of hope, solidarity and prophecy in a suffering and disillusioned world—but a world that is hungry for truth, meaning, and love.”
—Sr. Antoinetta Bruscato, FSP

A lot of my new found friends  in the order do show this attitude.  I also love the way the embrace the media as a way of sharing their faith.

They have three founders

Blessed Father James Alberione

Mother Thecla Merlo

Mother Paula Cordero

To me they all had a thirst to serve God yet were humble enough to let go take the lead! DO we really do that today!!!!!

and in another quote from their blog is a summary of  what I see their  chrisms to be.

Mother Thecla’s Legacy


sr ruth073From the early uncertain days of 1915 when Mother Thecla and a few young women followed Blessed James Alberione and eventually became the first Daughters of St. Paul to today’s similarly uncertain stage of history, we are aware of the challenge we face to communicate the beauty of the Gospel to everyone, using all the technologies and languages of communications. Our motto is: “to always strain ahead,” courageously open to the future, attentive to the signs of the times and to the new paths humanity is following—paths marked by communications. In spite of our feeling of inadequacy in the face of the challenges offered us by the world today, we are on the move….

On the move, convinced that the Divine Master will keep the promise he made to our Founder: “I am your light and I will use you in order toSr praying006enlighten; I am giving you this mission and I want you to carry it out” (AD 157).
On the move to share what we have “seen, touched and heard.”
On the move to pray for all communicators: radio broadcasters, advertisers, writers, songwriters; those who use Internet chat rooms, direct films or operate camera equipment.
On the move to give a soul to the world of communication and “bring everyone the truth in love.”
On the move to share with young people in particular the words of Blessed James Alberione that touched our own lives:

helena“Let those who have knowledge,
a strong will,
a big heart,
a spirit of sacrifice,
a great desire for holiness,
and an immense thirst for souls,
come with confidence.
They can dedicate all their energies
to the apostolate of the editions,
and they will see the road before them
grow always longer, broader and more beautiful.”

We can be intrepid and passionate Paulines because we realize always  afresh that we are loved by God, who chose us while we were still in our mother’s womb (cf. Ga. 1:15), “seized us” and conquered our hearts.

srs caroline christine m074It is precisely this preferential love that propels us toward mission (cf. 2 Co. 5:14), and the urge to communicate this love is a compelling need (cf. 1 Co. 9:16), an inner fire that cannot be contained.

To witness to the primacy of God in our life is the prophetic ministry to which we are called, in which holiness is not something secondary but “the principal aim of our life…indeed, its cry, its yearning, its very breath” (A Month with St. Paul,62.63) and the loftiest goal we can courageously point out to the younger generations.

Srs sharing009We cannot conceive of the apostolic life without the light that comes from prayer. This prayer, which springs from a caring and grateful heart, embraces the situations, problems and joys of individuals, and also expresses our yearning to take the Good News to everyone.

A Daughter of St. Paul’s life, like Mother Thecla’s, is characterized by the essentials of the Gospel, by a return to our roots, to “Jesus Christ, and him crucified” (1 Co. 2:2).

Our vocation is “in Christ and in the Church” (AD 3). We live our belongingsrs augusta bern m072 cut to the Church with awareness and responsibility, in fidelity to the Magisterium, realizing that we participate in the Church’s evangelization through new ways of apostolate that express our Pauline identity.

So let us pray blessing over all the daughter of St Paul world wide that god may continue to lead guide and protect their vital  ministry.


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  1. Thank you for the prayers and the blog insights!

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