To quote Fr. Jim directly

“Have you ever browsed a book store, trying to find something that will be uplifting and edifying for you, and have been more than disappointed, even disgusted at the choices out there?   Have you ever surfed the TV channels and have been turned off by the choices offered?  You may ask:  “Where is good Catholic storytelling?”

I’ve asked this myself many times.  We have a Faith so rich and deep that God’s gift of human imagination and creativity cannot help but be sparked!  The great writer G.K. Chesterton knew this, as did Evelyn Waugh, to name just two of thousands throughout history.  Fiction can help us to learn and to grow in our knowledge of Truth, the truth about our faith, our lives, and our responsibilities, in a way that is captivating and long remembered.

The Catholic Creativity Network is a place where these things can be discussed, where our horizons can be broadened, and where Catholics can come together to share in God’s great gift of creativity.   Perhaps, those great people of letters of past ages can help to spark the muse in some of us today.

Laudetur Jesus Christus! Praised be Jesus Christ”

I found it a really exciting and fun thing to do Fr. Jim and I meet on another network and just got on on so well and a good friendship has been established and so he asked if he could practice on me and I said yes and it the second attempt that Fr Jim ended up using! We had been joking around that it was episode 13 and we have other podcast friend who on their episode 13 had nightmare but little did we know we would have some of our own! We wrapped the recording and Fr. Jim was checking the recording but sadly not one bit recorded and as I was packing away my head phones broke and are now taped up in red tape.  I was quite glad in a way as I was very nervous and said a few thing maybe I should not have and my diction was not all that good either!!! SO it all good so look out on the website for episode 13 of the catholic creativity podcast and enjoy a rambling Anne I.


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