From my friend Gillie with my added bits Quote 1.


Gillie is a soul mate of mine. When ever we meet we share our deepest thought well I do at least. We are both oblates at Doaui Abbey and that is where we meet. She sent me an email with three quotes and it these I want to share over the next 3 days and add a few bit to it from my own mind too and for me they are very much linked to where my journey is taking me

“ The crucified Christ reminds us that despair and disillusionment are not terminal but signs of impending resurrection. It teaches us that spiritual depression is often necessary to know oneself better so we may be resurrected spiritually stronger and wiser. What lives beyond the cross is the liberating power of love, freeing us and helping us along a path that is for us alone, not our friends, colleagues or families wishes for our life, but God’s wishes. Dying to self is never easy, neither was death on the cross but it was necessary to enter the next phase of jesus’ life with His father. To die to oneself means to first know oneself. Jesus witnessed Peter who claimed not to know him, james who wanted power in return for service, Philip who failed to see the father in Jesus, and the disciples who were convinced Jesus was finished once he was crucified – even the very best falter and fail along the way, but just look at the resurrection – how Jesus gave liberation to all those mentioned and how they resurrected their own lives and served Jesus even better because of their failings.

Reading Psalm 20:1

Advice: never give up

My own thought are in total agreement early this year I went through a phase of spiritual weariness and have now come the other side of it it made my faith and my resolve to share it even deeper. It was something deeper too.


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