From my friend Gillie with my added bits Quote 2.

Gillie gave me this quote the day I had a very special chat with a very special nun in my life. I am not going to share to much of that chat here but it was one of sheer affirmation.

Also God as father has been a theme for me over the Easter season and will continue to be so again it reaffirmed me

“The absolute realisation that we are indeed sons and daughters of the Father in Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit for many causes a spiritual schizophrenia of the most frightening kind. It is not that I am afraid to tell you who I am; I simply cannot tell you because I don’t know who I am. I have not given the deep inner assent to my christian identity. I am afraid of loosing my life for fear of finding my real self – a reality that wilol not begin to exist until I assent to it. God calls me by my name, and I do not answer. I do not know my name.

Reading: Revelation 3:12.

Advice: know your name, take time in discovering who you really are. Once we know ourselves and face whatever troubles us and prevents us from finding our real self, warts and all, we can begin to learn to truly love ourselves and out of that love assent deeply and fully to our true christian identity.


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