Nuit Blanche.

I was really struck by this when i saw it and my friend Sr Tracey used it as a vocation reflection

THis is what she thought of the story

“Some notes about the story:

Everyone is going about their lives. Two strangers see one another and something catches them, captivates them… the vision of the other person.
Things slow down. Guy makes a step and breaks the monotony… steps into the water and it splashes everywhere. Woman: alone in café, hasn’t touched her cheese or her grapes… what does that say? Failed to satisfy her… she stands, and lets her glass of wine go. Man lets his brief case go and they walk toward one another.
What does this say? Leaving the old world, past life behind to pursue the other.
As couple draws closer to one another, they are blocked by objects in the world around them. The woman walks through glass, man gets hit by but the couple keep moving toward each other until finally they are back where they started.
What does that say? They still have to make a choice.”

In recent day I’ve been really hit in the face as to what God is calling me to do I am in a state where I know God is asking more of me but it is the direction that is proving to be a challenge.  I was drawn to do something that I thought God was prompting me to yet he said no and it hurts like crazy and I am being gentle on my self rejection is not the easiest of thing to handle and it thrown me in to a state of absolute confusion and anger too. Yet God was holding my hand all the way and I am holding on to the little bits of hope he giving me every day.

SO when Sr Tracey used this film  it reminded me of the passage where Jesus is challenging peter as to his feeling for Jesus and his calling DO YOU LOVE ME x3. During my Easter retreat it was said in one of the talks that it had a doubly layer to it there are two aspects to this  Peters feeling of why do you keep saying that come on you know and there the affirmation Jesus is trying to give  by reminding him just how much Jesus  does love him!

As for me please keep me in your prayer right now more will be shared as I see fit


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