Sr Briege

prayer5.mp3 This talk is on Mary and as we are in Mary month I thought I would share it with you too!

Sr. Briege McKenna, O.S.C.was born in Ireland and entered the Sisters of St. Clare at the age of fifteen. Following her final vows and after suffering for more than three years with rheumatoid arthritis, she was transferred to her community in Tampa, Florida with the hope that the Florida sunshine would relieve her suffering. At the age of twenty-four, she was miraculously and instantaneously healed during the celebration of the Eucharist and some time later received, in prayer, the gift of healing for which she has become so widely known. In 1974, again during prayer, she was given a deep spiritual insight into the call to priesthood. Since then, bishops and priests in many parts of the world have invited her to speak and minister at their retreats and conferences. Her book, “Miracles Do Happen” has been translated into many languages through out the world.

Her website is

This nun has intrigued over the last few years and in resent time a friend has liken me to her in respect of my ministry of encouragement to priest unlike me she know what direction she taking in sharing her ministry so it has brought about alot of encouragment for me


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  1. Amen, and God bless you, Anne!
    God has many good things in store for you and your ministry. Let Him guide you!

    Fr. Jim

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