Rule for life! – The tool for Anne’s Works!

What are rules?  They are what governs out life “regulates” our life (as it say in the rule of St Ben!) I can also discipline us and our thinking. Over the Last few week I’ve been thinking about doing  a rule for life for me for a while now and will be sharing my thought with my spiritual director soon . I took my inspiration the Rule of St Benedict as it something that inspires me daily!

These are the rules that in need to work on to get  to bring my relationship closer to God

1. LISTEN – To aid this I am going to challenge my self to find 5 minutes of silence in my own home

2. To apply  Lectio Divina method of prayer to my bible studies.

3. Face my fears of what God want from me. (Rule &:35-36)

4. Get over my hang ups about confession and get a regular confessor

5. Spiritual direction – keep going

6. Seeing everything with the eyes of Christ (RB 7:34)

7.  allow the Holy Spirit to still my heart

8. To be more disciplined in my secular life eg health, computer usage and prayer life!

9. To cultivate a garden in the Lord service by trying to be holy outside the walls!!!

10. Work on humbleness

These are just my initial thought there is more to make a rule up then this so there may be regular up dates

any feed back is appreciated very much


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