Nature as a God prompt

Are we lucky to have a great gift from God in the nature around us. Since I’ve started running I’ve come to love the nature around me even more it like Gods given me new eyes to see the beauty of Gods.

Things big and small alike

The sunny days.

The Abbey gardens – the maple tree and the ladybird.

The monastic sheep and lambs.

The monks greenhouse ( more on that later!)

The two local nature reserves I run in and the bird life in them.

the fluffy seed floating  aimlessly in the sky.

My 3 herb plants ( 3 month old now!)

The symbol of the snail

The Elstree chicks.

Seeing caterpillars grow in to butterflies  and seeing the fly off.

I love sneaking a peek at a greenhouse in my local abbey a once redundant or little used greenhouse has become for me a place of great beauty. I love seeing how creative God been with the nature around me that one plant is a lupin (I think!) clever little thing when you see how a bee get in to the middle of it to get the nectar

SO how has it brought me closer to God


How we have to be gentle and slow down and encourage plant to grow and so it is with our faithwe must not be to hard on our selves when things are not going our way.


When ever I’ve need to slow down God has has promote me to reflect on it by putting a snail in my way   🙂


beauty never happens fast


It made me see an interdepence on each other to survive and so it is with God if we do not trust god to feed us then we are pretty much dead


It made reflect on discipline and love in equal measures with out it we would be very unruly and chaotic to say the least!!!!


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