oooooooh nnnnoooooooooo!

I was sat praying in the abbey the other day and thought I would take nothing but my mind to God  and then the usual happened  OK who do I need to pray and prayed for them OK what should I write about on my blog OK thought about that then suddenly realised how hard  it was to really focus on the nothingness  of God. I do realise the importance of praying for people  and situations but I also came to realise the validity of nothingness. I think it has given me a new insight I have to work on in my spirituality. I am very lucky to have an abbey with a lot of good role models in it but one of the novices really stand out for me as a good example of nothingness. he can sit as still as any thing and looks like he has  emptied he mind of all things and it so hard to describe it but he look so peaceful and if I walk into the abbey church and see him I walk on tiptoes even though the abbey is huge. Maybe one day ill take the courage to ask how he keep his focus or how does he refocus if he loses it


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