If  St. James had the scallop shell and St Ben the raven I have the snail!

If you look at my computer you will see that I’ve got some empty snail shells which I have found in my God and nature times.

I always  seem to find them in time when  I should not really be stopping hmmmmmm! It always makes me think of how silly busy my life has become and how at times I’ve  missed things  in their beauty or just missed vital thing or not really listening just because I am really to busy.

The image of the snail is this

slow pace

unhurried pace

peaceful pace

not a care in the world

I often think of the hard shell it carries and the burden that must be yet the snail cope admirably with it.

What goes through the mind of a snail does it say I need to go faster or may be it could be why do I  need a silly shell on my back !!!!!

All the same maybe we should look to slowing our pace down to that of a snail pace to see Gods good gifts to us.


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