You are a strong person people often tell me and I really do not like it.  You have grown in confidence to Anne really you have and I hate that too. I know its meant well and comes from very dear friends

The strength I do have comes from my faith and yes spiritually I have grown strong and it been a real blessing.

I think the reason why I loathe people saying it to me is that I am still suffering the fear and lack of confidence it causes me in relation to how I  believe in my self and as God show me his plan it makes me fear it as I hate rejection and fear and the feeling of making a fool of your self.

I think my basically FEAR is at the heart of it. Why do I let fear and worry put me off.

I thank the lord for his healing but really it will be along  battle  but

God continually surprises me with his gifts of encouragement and love in so many ways.


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