Carlo Carretto Quotes

“The journey is long and its name is exodus. The exodus is the journey made by human beings to learn God’s tastes by experience. It is God’s school, the apprenticeship of the kingdom, the child’s growing up to become like the parent.”
“Love will make demands on us. It will question us from within. It will disturb us. Sadden us. Play havoc with out feelings. Harass us. Reveal our superficialities. But at last it will bring us to the light.”
“I feel immersed in God like a drop in the ocean, like a star in the immensity of night; like a lark in the summer sun or a fish in the sea.”
“No one can live without God: who flees {God} is already in Hell.”
“When we come out of Egypt we are called by God to freedom, total freedom, true freedom, eternal freedom.
“But in order to become free—-what a task, what a struggle, what a purging!
“Liberation from the clutches of the sense is no small thing for sensual creatures like us.
“To reach the ‘night of the senses’—-the time when we become rulers of our passions and are able to resist the extravagances of taste and physical pleasure—that takes some fasting!
“But this is nothing yet. This is only the beginning—baby stuff, you might say. . .
“There is another darker, more painful night.
“It is the night of the soul, the night in which we chatterboxes learn to keep still.
“We who are so ready to ask for things—now we shall dare not to ask.
“We fall thunderstruck with the grandeur that confronts us: God.
“The night of the spirit is the mature ability of the human being to love God in the dark, to accept the design even without seeing it, to bear the distance without complaining, even when love thrusts us towards him until we writhe with longing.”

“Don’t try to reach God with your understanding; that is impossible. Reach him in love; that is possible.”


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