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This is a hidden treasure. It sat on our bookshelf for a year before I picked it up out of curiousity and read the contents. It’s a skinny little book, but the vaule of it is as dense as the Summa Theologica! I couldn’t resist reading it at a gallop, but it’s one of those special books that is worth keeping (and sharing…definitely sharing!) Great introduction to the teachings of Francois Fenelon, a spirtual teacher along the lines of Brother Lawernce and St. Therese. It’s too bad that a few centuries stand between us….I would have loved to have this 17th century Jesuit bishop as my spiritual director! Don’t pass this one by


François Fenelon –  (1651-1715), French theologian and writer

François Fénelon (specifically François de Salignac de la Motte-Fénelon) was born on August 6, 1651, at Fénelon Castle in Périgord. Fénelon studied at the seminary Saint-Sulpice in Paris, where he was ordained as a priest. Fénelon published his pedagogical work Traité de l’éducation des filles (Treatise on the Education of Girls) in 1681, which brought him much attention, not only in France, but abroad as well. At this time, he met Jacques Bénigne Bossuet, Bishop of Meaux, who soon became his patron and through whose influence Fénelon was contracted by Louis XIV to carry out the re-conversion of the Hugenots in the provinces of Saintonge and Poitou in 1686 and was appointed in 1689 as educator of his grandson and potential successor, the Duc de Bourgogne. Because of this position, he gained much influence at the court.

He was inducted into the Académie Française in 1693 and named Archbishop of Cambrai in 1695. During his time as the educator and teacher of the Duke, Fénelon wrote several entertaining and educational works, including the extensive novel Les Aventures de Télémaque, fils d’Ulysse (The Adventures of Telemachus, son of Ulysses), which depicted the ideal of a wise king. When this novel began circulating anonymously among the court, having been fragmentarily published in 1699 without his knowledge, Louis XIV, who saw many criticisms of his absolutistic style of rule inTélémaque, stopped the printing and banned Fénelon from court. Fénelon then retreated to his bishopric in Cambrai, where he remained active writing theological and political treatises until his death on January 17, 1715.

In Church history, Fénelon is known especially for his part in the Quietism debate with his earlier patron Bossuet. In his work Explication des maximes des Saints sur la vie intérieure (Explanation of the Adages of the Saints on the Inner Life) in 1697, he defended Madame du Guyon, the main representative of Quietistic mysticism. He provided proof that her “heretical” teachings could also be seen in recognized saints. In 1697, Fénelon called on the pope for a decision in the Quietism debate. After long advisement, the Pope banned the Explication in 1699. Fénelon complied with the pope’s decision immediately and allowed the remaining copies of his book to be destroyed.


I would love you to get the book iether from Amazon or a Pauline Media Centre (if you are in New Orleans you could go and get from Sr Julia!) While I  was thinking about what to write on here I began to think of all the types of people this book could help and this is what I came up

Those losing faith bit still have a glimmer of hope

Those who need faith reassurance and comfort

Those who are novices in communities

Those who are fearful to take the steps God wants

Any one who want to be touched by God deeply.

Those with  an open heart  to the stirring of God the book will create

Those who are searching

Those going through a dark night of the soul

Basically it for everyone.

Again it one of those book that you can constantly pick up again and again and get a huge  huge dose of Godly blessing.

I found  deep reassurance to carry on in faith even in the hard time. It reminded me of alot of aspect of faith I tend to forget about or that I  take for granted. It was a refreshing read ENJOY ! 🙂


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