It was a great day! I was blown away and got a bit too emotional and almost lost my breathe and that was at the warm up.  the route it self was a bit hillier than I thought but  I do confess now I did walk a tiny bit mind you! I am still so proud of my self for doing it in 1.29 hr

There times when I thought is this never going to end and then reflected on all those I know with cancer or have a cancer related story.

My aunt died of cancer in 2005 and I hated her with it. It ruined our small family and it was a very stressful time in our lives but in hindsight it gave a view of how over protective my family have been of me but it still hurt at the time.

If  I had no faith I would have become a very bitter and twisted person but I am very thankful to those who supported me. It was not an easy time for me.  It also made me reflect on my faith and it journey God has given me plenty of challenges some of which I think I’ve done ok at and other where I need to work on a bit if my aunty had still been alive I would have not been so cowardly about it :-). I know there still allot to go through in life some good and some bad but it becoming apparent to me that I need to find good in all thing and I am trying but there are time it does get on top of me.


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