The Mary and Martha part of the chapter never ceases to amaze me. A friend of mine gave a recent  sermon it and how he imagine Martha to be of nervous disposition and the more I reflected on that the more I was struck by who I am and how I really ought to change some what and trust God.  He also spoke of how anxiety is driven by fear and how fear can fester and make others feel anxious too.  In recent times I have had to deal with a lot of hassle at work in my afternoon job and the more anxious I was the more entangled it became so I said my piece and left and prayed hard about it and left it at the hand of God! Which has been a first fro me:-)

My Fear and anxiety come from my past which every now and again will remind they are there and it hurts. It the lack of parental love do not get me wrong it was there but not in a way I wanted being an only child I truly believe they knew no better. So now I carve it in being a Martha which has it pros and cons  and sometimes.

The other challenge the sermon posed was about deep listening. DO we do it! I try but it really hard.

lets ponder being a Mary and not a Martha and really listen to the needs of those around us in Joy and in sadness and god will bless us by it. 🙂


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