Letter from God.

My Dearest Anne,

What really can I say but trust me! I love you just as you are and not how you think you should be.

I know I have given you challenging situations but did I not give you the strength to deal with them?

I’ve also gave you loving friend to help you and encourage you all the way:-)

With regards you true vocation in Life I am sorry but you are going to have to wait and see! BUT still keep trusting me  and loving me as much as I know trusting can be hard but I do know it will be hard because of you tainted past  but with out the taint you would not grow into the most beautiful daughter of mine

I love you and accept you for who ANNE is how can I get that in to your head. Remember the poem Footprints I know it one of your favourites you are the person I am carrying and I’ll always hold on to you even when the waves are crashing at my feel I’ll hold you even tighter!

Any way keep praying!

Lolto of love back at you my dear child

love and prayers



One Response

  1. Its so lovely that i replaced ‘Anne’ with ‘Brian’ 🙂

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