Letter to God

Dear God

Thank you for giving me a deeper sense of you over the last few weeks.

I have come to see you as an intimate friend and someone totally reliable.

I am struggling physically. It is so frustrating  and makes me angry but the frailty of it has made me slow down and see thing so differently.

With regards my true vocation. What is it! I really want to do your will and your will alone! won’t you just tell me PLEASE! I feel very let down by you sometimes. Is it me is it my barrier that are stopping me! Please help me!

You have given me so much over the last few years and I am very lucky please never let me take it for granted and let me accept your graces and blessing graciously!

Lot of love and prayers



2 Responses

  1. Anne, thats so inspirational to me. Thank you very much!

  2. Very heartfelt. I love it. Hold on. God is listening.


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