I always thank God for the link  has given me with a variety of Benedictine communities.  In particular I want to mention the Douai Community.

In the last ten years  I have learnt a lot from them.  I can not go in specific here as it a bit to personal.

But what I’ve learnt?

Examples of great Christian living!

The phrase action speaks louder than word spring to mind and is a great tribute to the Douai community.

It reminds me of an action of two of the monk one a junior and one a senior and great monk.

The senior monk can no longer reach the back of his vestment to make sure it straight and looks good and the junior will just do it for him in a gentle manner and the senior will just let him do it and will very graciously thank him with a grin on his face. That’s a great action of humility in my eyes

The other thing I’ve learnt about are really related to my relationship with God

The fact I can be my true self God see through the fake side of me!

That there encouragement in letting go and let God.

That sometimes pain has to be gone through to allows us to get closer to God.

Regularity of pray can help in the bad times when you do not really feel like praying. There have been up to the Abbey in times of lowness and sitting there in choir with the monk and then suddenly the power of God will really over whelmed me  and all is good again.


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